Monday, June 16, 2008

step one..... foward~

You know that Song... Here I go again on my own, goin' down the only road I've ever known? I keep singing it today.. Like some sort of theme song.. {Dancing around} I've made up my mind, I ain't wastin no more time!
Ok Ok Ok I know I know.... But Thats how I feel ok the run down on my so far...

2 cps bagged salad
1/2 cp tuna
1/4 banana
12 oz water
12 oz herbal tea

1Lg green apple
12 oz water
12 oz herbal tea

I am doin alright... No angry bathroom talk today.. I'm trying really hard not to sabotage my efforts w/ my own uncanny ability to talk myself into a binge cycle in a matter of moments..
My back is doing much better today I can walk w/ no pain at all my hip is still tender. Doable , w/out pain meds so far... I did chores this morning. I still have to sit down to do the dishes, but I am hoping that in a few weeks maybe I can stand a little longer. The laundry is still so difficult.. Not only can I not carry most of it but bending to get in and outta the dryer kills me... I am not writing this to keep anyone on the edge of their seat.. I am writing this so I can come back and see how far I have come after my surgery. My feet are doing well. the more water I drink the better the are. The swelling is normal, nothing too bad.

I have testing this week my EKG, Blood work up, chest xrays,upper GI,ultrasound and pulmonary function test. My monthly weigh in w/ my pcp.. I used to like her alot. Now she just gets on my nerves... SHHHH She had the surgery done (WLS) But she doesn't want anyone to know about... LOL Yeah ok FREAK!

For the record I am starving, I know not the best breakfast but I really wanted tuna, so I put it on a salad instead of bread...

hamburger (mustard)
4 chips
3 mini graham bears
12 oz water
12 oz herbal tea

I go to Anchorage Thursday to see the wl Dr. I also have my Psych Eval.. I am kinda worried about that... Will she think I am crazy? Will she think this wls isn't for me? What should I say... I hear that I should not get to in depth w/ her just the basics.. So that Is my plan! The appt I had w/ the dietary nurse was a nightmare. I said way too much. She really didn't say anything I didn't already now, matter of fact she didn't know much about wls. It was one down here where I live not where I am going to have wls. Maybe I'll make an appt w/ the one my wls Dr. uses

Ok I have a softball game to go to in a little while. Chanui is so excited, she has won her last several games. I'll be back w/ my meal entry this evening.....
Ok I never went to the game.... I just didn't feel up to it, chauni was upset but forgave me... Brian went and took video...

2cp strog.
33.8 oz water w/true lime

snack 1 med. red apple

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