Friday, June 20, 2008

step one..... foward~

WOO HOO I lost 4 lbs according to my pcp scale.... I am so proud of myself.. It is so hard for me to "just say no" I'm the only one that hears it, but when I do I feel soo good! Maybe it's getting easier... I still look in the mirror and cringe. I will until this face of mine starts to look like it used to my neck and jaw line are one in the same.. I hate that so much!
Anyway back to my appt.
All went well.. My Pcp signed off to still see me for normal medical problems... She was still kinda givin me shit about it because, She knows that if there is any problems that she'll still have to be the one I see being my wl Doc is so far away... But who cares she is sending the paper anyway!
This makes my second weigh in for Insurance WOO HOO only 4 more months and that will be done.. Getting closer everyday!
Today I feel soo good. My body doesn't hurt my feet have been doing ok I still have no feeling on the outside of them but the swelling is down. I miss my ride dangit.. I hope we can get it outta the shop soon! I wanna take Oz to the river and play! For the record. My Obgyn did send my records I messed up on the addy and they were sent somewhere else.. My BAD! She is calling me when she finds the exact record I am looking for... As of right now The only thing I am waiting for is 2004 weight charted if I can't find that then they will take 2002 then just my sleep study stuff then I'm in like flin!
6 grapes
4 small cubes of cantalope

taco bell grilled stuffed
sml side of corn chips
Lg water

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