Sunday, June 29, 2008

peacock feathers. tweezers and oscar the grouch cupcakes!

Today was the DAY! We were all prepared for the Oz 1 Birthday Party.. But alas, the summer rains have foiled our plans.. Woke up early to call everyone on the party list to cancel.. Major bummer man! We had grand plans at a cute little park. A big pirate ship, walking the plank! DRAG.... Oh Well we are planning again next weekend. Like Oz knows any different huh?
Chauni and Josh have training all day for their next missions trip.... So it's just gunna be Pappa bear Oz and mommy.. We are headed up to the lake for a nice little wander about. Maybe a small fire and a few mellows...
First tho.. I have to run thru the house w/ a swiffer and destroy all this summer dust. I was moving my peacock feathers and saw about a winters worth of dust on them today YIKES! Also Got my tweezers outta my secret tweezers place! Don't ask I have teens who like to use them for everything... Anyway...... I went to use them, because my eye brows are scary! And Get this the little criminal broke them, but then put them back and never said anything... These tweezers were like 15 bucks.. I loved them, perfect for every unwanted hair on my body.... He snapped them in 1/2 UGGGH! He said, Get this.... God MOM, Why did you spend so much on tweezers.. That's your fault!
Are you kidding me? SERIOUS My fault... If I woulda bought cheap ones I wouldn't be so mad... What a Shit! I will get some pics up of Oz cupcakes for the cancelled party we did sesame street cupcakes... WOO HOOO!
As for my food intake.. Doing pretty good.... Trying to get in 65+ oz of water is kinda difficult but doing ok....
last nights supper
piece of chicken breast w/ ham and provolone
apple juice
33 oz water w/ TL
Pain meds for back today.. I went shopping last night and threw my back outta wack, little swelling w/ feet and legs.
Man I really have to get my rig outta the shop I have nothing to write about.. Yeah I suck!
Bill and Shirley stopped by and brought Oz his stool. they make these little wooden stools w/ the kids name on them really cute! It is always so hard to be relaxed when they come over.. Bill comments on my messy house and makes me feel like shit... Of course there was toys everywhere and a whole Sunday paper crumpled up that Oz had destroyed... SUCKED! However, they did drop of some halibut and salmon... We had halibut for supper YUMMO~
I think Brian and I are secretly fighting.. Well I'm not sure fighting would be the word.. We aren't talking really.. I know he is frustrated w/ me.. I am ashamed to admit it.. Even typing it here makes me uneasy. I am trying really hard to be honest here and open.. More difficult then I had anticipated...
DISCLAIMER~ I am going to be getting pretty real...
I don't want to have sex... I try to go to bed either after Brian is asleep or before he goes to bed...
I don't know whats wrong w/ me... I have been taking lexapro for a month now and I am thinking that must be it.... I have no desire. I don't want to stop taking lexapro though because It makes me feel better..
Brian is the kind of man that is so patient that he never asks for sex. He has always waited for me to approach him.. Which was all the time before I got preg. He had to go almost the whole preg w/out because of all the issues.. And really this first year of Oz sleeping not sleeping has just made me so tired. Now that Oz sleeps through most nights I am on this lexapro and Bri still isn't "getting any"
Crap, not only am I dealing w/ this fricking weight issue, food issue, Chauni issue... (Fill you in later) House issues.. I could go on and on.. But really......
Ok Breath.. First things first....
Since we have mooved into this money pit I have not had my bedroom.. You know the pre man bedroom I had for 10 years being single! To be honest to keep sheets on the bed is a pain in the ass really Bri moves so much and they pop off and it drives me nuts! I have puta clothes basket two feet from where he throws his clothes on the floor and DAMN IT he still throws them on the floor. My mission today is to get my preman room back! I used to have 20 pillows..... now! What happened... Candles.. My room used to smell like gardenias now it smells like diapers and dirty socks.... YUM!
Ok I feel better... Mission...... make room sexy (well as sexy as a crib will allow)~ Operation Make love to my man, is now implemented.. Stay tuned!! All my blogger fans~ Crap I forgot no one reads my blog!

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