Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Mr. SUN SUN Mr golden SUN please shine down on me~

Doin' the "SUN" dance....... I am not one to enjoy the heat, but after years of cold cold winters and no sun this spring... Look out.... I am diggin' this SUN! The blue sky is soo blue.. The greens so green after all this rain! (DEEP AMAZING BREATH HERE)

OK, I had a talk w/ Bri last night. Just a small oh by the way talk...

Started out, "Bri how bout some hot sex tonight baby"? Bri said,with a smile, " Oh I guess I could shower!" I then went into this apology about not being to sexy feeling. He told me that's ok. He knows I'm tired and he is tired too.. This time of year is hard on him.. He builds houses and is the Foreman on site. Trying to pour concrete in this weather has been a drag.. They have to get so many poured before July to get the houses done before the snow flies! Anyway, He is tired and sweaty when he comes home from work... Just wants to rest then fall into bed... Which I guess for me is a bonus right now... The bad part, I am afraid we will get into a rut like this..... It's been weeks already....

Operation Bedroom and Make Love to My Man, is going pretty well... No love making yet, But the room is coming together.. WELL up until Oz and Chauni flooded the bathroom in our room causing water to fill 1/2 of my bedroom.. Major Pisser! (No pun intended)
2pieces of wheat toast
2teaspoons butter
3 oz of halibut
1 liter water/ tl

strawberry cupcake no frosting
1 liter water/tl

salmon burger
1 oz mash
fruit juice

strawberry cupcake teaspoon frosting

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