Saturday, July 19, 2008

WOo HOOo I love my PCP!

Ok There is so much to tell, But for now I will stick to the best... I lost another 4 lbs.. I'm not sure how... I've eaten more then my far share of 3 musketeers this last week... I never, let me say that again.. NEVER.. Eat candy bars, I am not a sweets fat person.. I am a bread and pasta fat person.. Something went well... somewhere...... I have been averaging a 4 lb weight lose for 2 months now a pound a week.. I'll take it slow and steady till my surgery.. Showing that I am trying.... I got a call from the daycare center yesterday... Come on in and fill out the paperwork.. I didn't even have an interview. I used to work w/ the owner and the other girl that works there and they want me! How exciting is that. It makes me feel proud and good about myself....It's been a few years since I have even seen the owner and she heard I had a baby and didn't want to work outside the house because of Oz and When she needed someone they thought of me.. I can take Oz he can make new friends and I'll be bringing in some money which I haven't done in over a year and 1/2. Well then Gail called, She needed me to come stay at her house for the weekend and take care of Tiff... I used to take care of Tiff When I worked in in home health care. I had Tiff as a client for 5 years and love her very much... Gail is one of my best friends in the world. So of course I said yes... Her house is not Oz proof so that can get a little trying, watching him and Tiff... He hasn't let me feed him for months but when I feed Tiff he gets mad! It is funny!
I need to go take a shower.. I have a reprieve from Gail's house for a few hours and have come home to get some things and check my email... I still need to upload a vid to you tube but I don't have time now. It will have to wait..
I wanted to talk about my Dc. appt yesterday..
I feel so good... My pcp was gone so I saw the other one which let me tell you she and her nurse are GREAT. I love them both.... They make me feel so good about myself.. They are excited about my surgery and about my weight loss.. My other PcP is grumpy and busy and her nurse is too!I like Al my nurse though even tho he is always grumpy.. Anyway, My blood pressure is perfect.. My everything is going well.. I didn't tell her I had a sleep attack the other night.. I forgot and I didn't tell her about my low blood sugar either.. It was just for a weigh in.. I will go in next week if I can find some time and try to get another fasting sugar... I know something is wrong, If I don't eat when I should every few hours I start to shake and feel like I am going to pass out... Completely different from, the huge headaches I get when my blood sugar is too high... Something weird going on for sure, I just can't figure it out by myself yet. I loved going to the Dr. I love that I am still losing weight even just 4 lbs!
I got my brother sister person from Allison yesterday.. It's Amy from you tube I love her, I am glad I got her.. I just saw one of her vids and her son makes me soo soo happy what a completely perfect little guy he is! I will have to send her something this week!
I still have not sent Dee's damn gift, Why is it soo stinking hard for me to go to the damn post office. I will get it out this week if it is the last damn thing I do!!!!!!
Ok I had big plans this weekend for Operation Make Love to my Man, the teens being gone and all, But NOW crap I am staying at Gail's all weekend So dang be to me.... I will have to get creative this week before the teens get back..
It looks like we might have to cancel this weeks trip to Anchorage again.... Depends on Bri boss and the house issues.. I hope we don't I really really want to go! And If I cancel again I don't know if I will get into trouble.. YIKES!!!!
ok that's it for now!

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