Wednesday, July 9, 2008

whole lotta nothing!

It's been a while since I was here.. I have so much to talk about. First I went to work this last weekend... I haven't worked in over a 1 and 1/2 years... It was nice, but my back has been pist @ me since... I also got a call from a friend of mine asking if I was looking for work. She has a Daycare Center , knows I love kids and didn't want to work unless I could take Oz... I told her yes. I should start in a few weeks! Wild me working again.. I have never worked in daycare. I, however have worked w/ so many ages and kids that I am excited about this... I worry about all the germs that Oz and I can pick up. The pros outweight the cons right now.. I don't have any friends that have small kids and Oz just doesn't know anyone his age... I am glad that he will be able to hang out w/ other little ones. Lets see what else has happened Oh yes....
Brian's Boss had a fire this last weekend in his new home. The one Bri spent most of the winter building.. Major Drag, But on the up note... Everything that wasn't damaged Brian gets to bring to our money pit! That means, kitchen cabinets, amazing granite for counter tops... A huge garden bathtub a wonderful stainless steel dishwasher and upright freezer. Doors, windows.. Can I get an AMEN! I can't believe it.... Oh I almost for got the greatest thing yet... A stainless steel Kitchen sink and bathroom sinks SHUT UP! I am soo excited!!!!!!! All these things are less the a month old if used at all.. He is getting the house declared a total loss. Insurance will pick up everything. So he offered Bri and another guy on site to get everything salvageable.. Rick got the washer and dryer because they are gas and we can't get gas this far out in the woods, but Rick just bought a new set that is electric and is giving us those when he picks up the other set... WOO HOO my washer is now at the point where I have to run the rinse cycle twice. My dryer is ok (GO Cregs) list but, Josh, Bri's brother needs a new one SO two birds one stone!
As For my weight loss. I get weighed next week.. I have an appt w/ my wls Dr. the 16th. I just picked up my last 5 year weight loss record yesterday! I still have to do the damn Ua I never remember to go to the hospital to get that done!
My eating has been going all right.. My water intake is going good as well. My back is killing me, But I hope that it eases up before my pain meds run out!
Well that was alot about nothing! The kids are great! Brian and I are doing alright! No wild sex stories to tell, He tried to make some moves the other night but the new meds I am on for this dumb ass intestinal thing I have has given me a yeast infection I think! Well the meds I have to take for it have given me signs of some yeast thing! Well just the itching, But I have never had a yeast infection. I don't know if you can pass them to your partner via sex...I don't even know it I have one, I just know my who ha itches and it sucks!