Sunday, July 27, 2008

exit weekend~

A long weekend finally comes to a close.. Ive been @ work since Thursday. Sunday is almost over and I got home this morning.. Brian went fishing w/ his brother and some friends today.. No fish! How the hell do you go fishing in the fishing capital of the world and not bring home any damn fish! I think there was a golf game involved~ I'll never know cuz he'll never tell... Oh Well Josh is home from his mission trip and i will be sure to get fish all week from him!!! I haven't seen Chauni yet they have been home since Thursday but I was doing over nights @ work so I didn't get to see her . She has been @ the church since she came home.. I kinda miss the turd! I saw Josh this morning he stayed home from church this a.m. We had a nice morning, then he was off to church and then fishing after... Just Oz and I the rest of the day... Ok..
I went to Anchorage this week and say my wl Dr. Well his nurse, and had my nut Doc Appt.. Everything went very well.. I am proud to say that she said I am perfect for this surgery. She was great and reassured me over and over that I will succeed. The scale there said I gained 2 lbs.. I was pissed, but the nurse said not to worry about it that it could be anything most likely water weight... Oh Well! They also said that I need to start taking insulin again at least until after my surgery.. I have to call and make an appt w/ the sleep Dr. this week, Then just a count down until November!
Work was good.. I get a little tired and lifting Tiff Doesn't do my back any good, but it was just for this weekend and I made 250 bucks so cool beans!
I am tired I will write more tomorrow!

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