Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can I get a high5 anyone!

It's almost one in the morning and it's still light outside! Gotta love that midnight sun huh? Flippin skeeters came in tonight when Bri was fixing the front door.. I hate them soo much~
First of all I got all my water in today 70 oz damn thats alotta h2o peeps! Second before I write anything else, Operation Make Love to My Man, signed and sealed~ Let me tell you, Lets here it for the boy! He never stops amazing me. I love him so very much! I can't stop yawning so I'll make this quick...
1 leftover salmon burger
1 liter H2O 2 tl

1 Salmon burger
1 liter H2O

2 pieces of veggie pizza,
oil and garlic sauce
33 oz H2O

1 piece of veggie pizza
b4 bed..
Bad Martina Bad~
about 20 oz H2O before bed....
Pissin the night away foshow!

I had a great day w/ Josh today.. He is going thru some stuff, but is really handling it well.. I am proud of him... He has come along way in a short time.. God and Pat and I am proud to say even me, I believe have helped him in this journey of self worth he has been on! Oh I don't want to forget his Youth Pastor.. A wonderful man of God who encourages and bless Josh daily.. Ok I have to get up early tomorrow and make a youtube video UGGGH I don't wanna~ I keep putting it off... Dread.....
Thank you Lord for my many Blessings... Thank you Lord for my family~
And Pat if you are reading this..... Thank you for all your love and support... Without you, my family would not be where it is today!