Friday, July 18, 2008

stupid bagel and cream cheese!

I forgot I had weigh in today.... Ate a yummy bagel and cream cheese yeah there is about what a million calories! Damn it!
I need to take a shower, but here I sit watching youtube vids.. I watched April Dawn vid on her lower body lift!
CRAP.... I am bigger then her and they took off 15 lbs of skin just on her tummy! It sucks either way! Leave it and look like a freak get it cut off and have scars every where and be in some serious pain! She looked awful...
The kids haven't called... Chauni called for a moment the other day, she wasn't having much fun.. I felt bad for her.. One of the girls that went w/ the team can be well lets just say difficult. I would like to say more, but then what kind of Woman of God would I be... Sometimes it really sucks that I have to be mature and not slap spoiled, selfish, hateful brats! Trust me as mean as that sounded, I want to use some alley cat backstreet adjectives on this girl!
That said!!!!
I had a great morning w/ Pat yesterday.. Even tho she called me from my front porch to remind me that it was Thursday.. Crap where is my mind! I always enjoy her coming over.. God Bless her. I didn't clean my house I didn't take a shower, I didn't even know what day it was.... I didn't offer her tea, I didn't ask how she was.. I just talked about myself and cussed and screamed cried and laughed.... Thank God for Therapy! Home visit Therapy rocks!!!
Man Speaking of shower... I stink... How can a human body smell so bad!
Bri should be here ina few hours. I am such a slacker..... I need to make my video for youtube today. I am doing a contest.. I just don't know which one I am going to do
One of them Is "Youtube Has talent" and the other one is, "Who would you bless?"
I like both of them, but I am not sure how the youtube people will receive them..
Ugg I am just putting of the laundry and shower now.....
I'll be back w/ my update weigh in later....

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