Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kalidiscope of feelings

I don't want to write today. To be honest I haven't wanted to write in a long time.. So unlike me.. I have a writers spirit.. I have been writing for so many years... Whats wrong w/ me?
Oh Who cares!
I want to sleep.. Sleep Sleep!
My diet is going good! Drag writing everything down... I always forget.. but I am getting about 1000 calories in a day... I am watching everything... I need to up my water.. I don't know whats wrong! I am rebellious I hear...
I want to go outside and the rain just keeps falling.. Today is the first sun we have seen in weeks really... I want to go plant... I miss my flowers, My garden, my house plants! Seems though when you're broke those things are last on the list and what a bummer that is!
Josh and I are ripping out pantry's today both of them taking the wall down and pulling the cabinets off the kitchen walls.. We are getting ready to tile that wall. I hope to have a new sink by the end of next month... Brian is starting the bar/ island this weekend! I can't wait for that. A new range hood.. I will be tiling the counter top on the bar and island this really great pattern that Pat sent over w/ all the tiles he gave us! the kitchen might just be down before the snow flies In all that remodeling we have to go fishing this weekend.. I still haven't gotten enough to can for the winter... What a drag.. I still haven't made all the jams for winter either.. Just never enough time.. I hate that I can't move very well. I hate that most of all...
Surgery can't come fast enough at this point!
I am going to go to sleep now.. Oz is taking a nap I might get to sleep before he wakes up!

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