Friday, August 1, 2008

I think I'll drink wine~

This weekend is the weekend we have set aside to clean the, well you might call it a yard if you define"yard" as the area in front of your dwelling. We have chaos and clutter. I am starting to look like I live at my parents house.. The old stories are true.. Up here in Ak remodeling seems to go on forever.... My kitchen is a wreck my dinning room floor is insane and Don't even get me started on the damn pluming... I want the yard done this weekend. If it kills all involved I really don't care at this point. We have the new fence that Brian got a few months ago and it is still in several piles through out the field of shit.. Josh has his broke down 4 wheeler and the two snow machines just hanging out like there is going to be snow any day. Brian has the boat in the drive way like we have the money to go put her in the river.. Who am I kidding that boat has been in the same spot since last summer when he used it.. This family has something new coming and momma ain't happy! For the last two years I have let everything slide, my house work included... I'm sick and damn tired of all this clutter and chaos! Someone is going down and it's not going to be me!
We get our furniture today after Brian gets off work. I am excited about that.. It's not new but I hear it is nice, I haven't seen it. I am hoping that it doesn't look like crap!
Ok yesterday I had about 350 calories all day.. I did get my water in.. I am sure it is because we really need to go shopping and there just wasn't anything to eat.. Brian and Chauni did do a little shopping yesterday before they came home from work.. So needless to say, I ate like a damn pig... No really I am sure if you would have seen me you might have even gotten sick!
ribs from the deli
two pieces of sushi
handful of grapes
2 veg rice paper wrapped
4 jo jos
3 cinnamon twist (Brian got for Oz)
1 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
I was so sick! Uggh~
Off to clean frig and make marinade for the Salmon I am smoking Sunday~

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