Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can you step in circles?

Maybe An eight....Yeah I'm stepping in an eight.....
Outside today is rainy, The greens are so green. I love this time of year.... We have such a small window until fall hits and winter and darkness once again dawns.... The lushness of Alaska holds stong in my mind. I try to remember this moment right now, for when winter comes.. When January lingers and the cold shoots through my bones I want the memory of this warm green perfect summers day~
The kids are at church, Brian is golfing. The Oz and I are making bread and dumplings for our chili supper tonight... Corn bread dumplings w/ green chilis and whipped honey...
I watched someone on youtube today show her extra skin... I am scared about my extra skin... Scared that It will be so much and really who fricking cares huh? I am still worried about it though. I try to think of all the great things that will come from this surgery. All the health benifits all the joy I will have... The mobility, I will be able to work again..... I am trying so hard to focus on all that!

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