Thursday, June 19, 2008

one step back........ or whatever~

Yesterday I went to the hospital for a most of my tests. they all went well.. The upper GI was yucky, but I lived. Most of all the tests were faxed to my wls Dr. I went to see him today. That was a drag.. He is about 3 hours away and I was sick the drive up. I lived tho. We left around 6 am . . Got there to the office and it was cancelled. The Nut Doc was sick.. But bonus they got me into my next appt which wasn't till 2:30 @ my cancelled psych appt. Which got us outta there and left time to go on a great drive to one of our glaciers. We got some beautiful shots I'll be putting on my youtube! I haven't gained any weight since may. Stable, can't bitch about that huh? Nurse did let me know that my diabetes looks like is starting to come back... DAMNIT! Hopefully, I can watch my carbs and keep it at bay until my surgery!
My Obgyn still hasn't faxed my records , She is kinda pissin me off.. I'll call again tomorrow and ask the office to send! That is holding up my 5 year history. But that is easy enough to remedy, w/ those records. Lets see, what else?

They rescheduled my Psych for the 16 of July along w/ another nurse touch base to check on the rest of my list which is only, The Sleep guy, two meetings and a urine drug test! It was a great day, other then being sick. Oz had fun on the drive up Brian was Great and Chauni was Well Chauni. We also took Austin.. What a dingdong nut job, he sang the whole way up and most of the way back.. He made me laugh tho... I have my weigh in tomorrow. A talk w/ my pcp about her signing off to still see me after the wls! I also have to call and make an appt w/ the guy who does the compression socks WOO HOO I am very excited about that My feet, legs are killing me!
As for my food journal. Well the last couple days sucked... I had to fast for all of my tests so when I was done...Crap, Drive thru and Mc nugggets My weakness .....
I am starting again tomorrow!!

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