Thursday, March 12, 2009

I was approved and have a date!

I received the phone call I have been waiting for the last few years for... I received it after I got the call that my friend Beth died... I didn't feel like getting on here and being excited.... I guess I waited so long for this date, that when it finally came I was kinda numb...

I go up the 1 for some testing and then the 10 for my final stuff.. We will get a hotel for the weekend and then Sunday night I go into the hospital for surgery prep.. Monday I have surgery, stay in the hospital for two days.. I then have to go to a hotel and stay 8 more days in the city.. Then they release me to come home if there are no problems.. I don't for see any problems.. Austin and Chauni are going to stay w/ me while I am up there for the 8 days.. SO I can have Oz near me... Brian and Josh will stay home packing for our move....

Brian has agreed to keep the property.. I will be making the house payments, after I start back up to work... I haven't worked for almost 3 years now.. It's been weird to stay at home.. I miss working though! We keep the property so I can still have my garden. SO I can still keep my yard.... We haven't rented for awhile now.. I don't want to go back to renting, but Brian wants to so I guess we will.... As long as I get to keep my house in the woods I don't care I guess!


  1. I'm so excited for you, and you know if there is anything I can do just holler!
    So where ya going to move? Have a place yet?
    I'm glad you will keep your place and you can have your garden etc.
    I Love you

  2. That is good news for you...usually I'm at your other site...hope everything goes perfect for you.