Friday, March 6, 2009

Does my ass make my face look fat?

This is how I pose w/ Oz now... Behind him, or face shots... All these are from last year he is much bigger now.. I want to have lots of pictures w/ Oz I haven't any w/ the other kids.. Too ashamed of how I look.. That is why I can do this DIET I am going to remind myself every moment if I have to about all the great things to come... I CAN DO THIS!

Well it is OHFISHL (I know... I know... but that spelling makes me happy so shut up!) I now know EXACTLY Why I amm soo DAMN FAT One Day on my DIET and I SUCK! and measuring food When you're hungry is a DRAG
I have learned that I need more protein in the morning then the evening.... Maybe it's just the idea of something I can chew... Drinking my breakfast makes me mad!
This morning I took some of the supper I made last night it was to be honest I didn't weigh so I'm guessing around 3 oz of chicken = 0 carbs 1/2 cp of re fried beans = 15 carbs - 5 for fiber = 10. 1 tablespoon of Brians salsa con questa = 1 carb. 11 carbs, 2.5 fat and 19.70 of protein for breakfast..
I am thinking that I will post the day after to just add up what I have eaten that day... I have a food journal to write all of this in as well... I have had 25 fl oz of water too so far... UUUUG!


  1. Girl I am praying for you, and I have faith you can do this. I'm also very excited for you, if you need to vent,cry,or brag call me I'm here for you!

  2. From the first day I met you I have seen the beauty of you from the inside out to the out side in. You will always be beautyiful to me. Squeeeeeeeze love ya