Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tagged! 6 things you don't know about me!

Jacky over @ Count My Abundant Blessings tagged me for 6 weird things you might not know about me... Thank Goodness I have 6 followers huh?
  1. I once went all winter w/out shaving my armpits to see if I could do it... Man, I was one smelly cat!

  2. I don't use toilet paper or store bought sanitary napkins.. I have have a system in place in my bathroom to use cloth everything... My family refuses to do it....

  3. I sing all the time, I wake myself up sometimes singing.....

  4. I only have dreams of the end of the world.... Where I help everyone I can, w/ all my pantry items!

  5. Sometimes when I hurt too bad to walk to the recycle bins, I throw recycled stuff in the regular trash, then wake up in the middle of the night and dig them outta the trash, because I am soo sad that I threw them in the wrong garbage..

  6. I am afraid that when I lose all of my weight, that I will still be lazy... I am afraid that I am just lazy and blame the fat...

I tag all of my readers.. don't go and make me link all of you....

I hope after you read all that that you are still my followers!


  1. I think we should all recycle more than we do. Good for you for doing so. I am fat too and slowly losing. It isn't easy, that is for sure. I can't sing so I don't assault others with my pipes. My daughter can sing and she does it alot.

  2. You are awesome and yes, we still love you. I would do this meme, but I have already done it twice :(

  3. I become seriously blocked when I try to think of answers to these things...I'll try, though...hmmm.

  4. You are funny and creative! THANK YOU SUGAMAMA for the birthday greeting and nice comment. I follow your other site but left comment here where you might find it sooner!

  5. Okay Miss Cuga......LMBO(butt). I wanna say LMAO but am trying to rmain family friendly.
    Umm......I don't know if I would have told the one about not shaving me airpits but I laughed so hard that I almost fell off my chair when I read it.
    Okay here goes:

    1. I'm always secretly afraid that people don't like me.
    2. I sing all of the time too....I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes because I hear lyrics in my head. Ronnie Milsap's "Day Dreams About Night Things" won't go away sometimes. I don't even like that song. Does that mean that I hear voices in my head??????
    3. Not a single day goes by that I don't miss my daddy and this year he will have been gone for 33 years.
    4. I think that Prince smells sexy when he's sweaty and I think that he looks hot when he's all mussed up from working in our garden. You'd have to know him.....he's a lil English man and a bit of a tart when it comes to his appearance :)
    5. I think that Sharpies smell really good. Does that make me a sniffer and do I need a support group.
    6. I've made the acquaintence of some of the nicest people ever since I've been you dear lady.

    I'm doing pretty well and thank you so very much for checking on me. I take that back....I'm doing really well!! And lazy is a strong word to use.....I prefer to say that I'm conserving my energy for bigger and better things :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  6. OK,Suggamama, you asked for is my 6 things:
    1. I always tell people what they WANT to hear not what I really think.
    2. I eat way too much, then get sad.
    3. My kitchen floor always seems to need a good scrub.
    4. Some days people just "creep me out" and I seek solitude.
    5. I don't pluck my eyebrows or shave my legs (ever!).
    6. I am a loner.
    I love your Pieces of Me blog page! I'm thinking of you as your surgery comes closer.