Saturday, April 4, 2009

My kids are trying to kill me!

Thank all of you for doing my six strange things......

I went to see my Wls doctor on Wen this last week.. I lost 6 pounds in just a few short weeks.. But have at least 4 more to go! I'm not sure if I will do it.. I suck! These last few days I have just been so low... Too low to even blog about it....I stopped taking my lexipro for about a week and man it kicked my ass... My Son Josh, is kicking my ass as well... He has drastic mood swings, where the most evil things come outta his mouth.. Always directed @ me... For I am the reason his life is Stupid, awful, boring, and lame!!! HEEHEE typing that makes me laugh! I don't know why, but it does! Josh took Chaunis car this Thursday and wrapped it around a telephone poll.. He had one of the other boys w/ him.. He called me screaming and hyperventilating.. The most terrifying phone call a mum could ever get..... They are ok.. Just by a miracle.... The car on the other hand the airbags blew right in the boys faces bruising them up pretty bad... The radiator was broke right in half, the engine pushed up into the dash and well lets just say the front is a mess... The worst part about all of this.. Chauni is gone at a conference up in Anchorage... I didn't have the heart to call her and tell her what had happened.... She comes in today.. Expecting me to pick her up w/ her car.... I am heartsick.. I don't know how to tell her, her first car she bought and paid for all by herself is totalled... She love her car as any 18 year old girl would... My son now will not be able to get his licence until he is 21.... Which is a small price to pay compared to killing himself or someone else is... But telling a 16 year old he can't drive till he is 21 is a gnarly conversation.... Growing up and paying the piper sucks.... I need to get so much done in just a short week .

Brian is still insistent on moving this month.. I am secretly still very angry... I try to be positive.. BUT... I am still pissed off! I have started my spring planting here in the house and when I am pissed scared overwhelmed I cook, plant and sew.. You should see my dinning room.. Soil, thread and canning jars filled w/ jams, sauces, cheese... I am slipping outta touch w/ everyone... And scared as hell about it! The kids and I planted wheat grass for their Easter baskets and the grass came up so nice..I have to go juice some now.. It sucks that wheat grass doesn't keep but a moment after you juice it.... I guess I'll just drink a gallon of it today.... LOOK OUT BATHROOM~


  1. What can I say...One grandson got his license 8 mos. another g/son and g/daughter just finished their driving courses...It's enough to stress anyone...Thankful your son wasn't hurt will work itself out...things always do...just take care of are needed by them!

  2. You are amazing...keep your head up s'mama! I'm sorry I didn't do the 6 things...things are crazy around here. I went back to work 2 days ago and we are in the middle of a move (grabbing a few quick moments on the laptop at the hotel right now)...Praises that your son & his friend are unharmed! Keep a smile on your face sista!

  3. I probably don't HAVE to tell you this, but as the mother of two boys that are in their 30's...keep telling yourself that your kids teen years will pass and they WILL become real people again in the near future. Something happens when kids (especially boys) are in their teens. Everything is mom's fault and they can hurt your heart without even blinking an eye. day they leave home and you lose day to day contact for a little while. I can guarantee that as soon as they have children of their own...suddly, YOU become the smartest person they know. So, my dear Sugamama...hang on tight...the hurt they are throwing in your direction will soon evolve into respect.

  4. Sorry you have to go through all of this along with prep for surgery!
    I have not stopped praying for you and won't. I Love you Sister!

  5. Both of mine are in their twenties and those who tell you the teen years will pass, are right. They will. I remember having to deal with my husband when my daughter almost totaled her car. The first words out of my mouth was, 'are you alright.' and the first ones out of his were, 'how much damage'. But theses years will pass. As for now, take care of yourself.

    Girls find things to blamd their mothers for while they are in their teens too. Some of them never stop....

  6. You can do it!!! If ANYBODY can do it, it's you lady :)
    All four of ours are grown and guess what? Yep, they piss us off all of the time. We just keep our mouths shut (which mostly means that Prince keeps his mouth shut. Me? Not quite so much, lol).
    Thing is they all have homes of their own and jobs so what can we really say about their crappola? Nothing really. I just say over, and over, and over in my head "Maybe when we all get to heaven I won't think you're so annoying".
    Whataya think?????
    Love ya to Pieces girly (get it? pieces?? nevermind......)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  7. Where are you? Thinking of you as surgery day looms near.