Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FINALLY~~ Goes to insuance for a date!

Well the Dr. called and it is all finally done.. Only 2 years and 4 months later.... the first 7 months was due to my Dr not sending the report to the weight loss office. I should have known then and changed Dr. huh? I didn't tho and then she messed up and 3 months of my weigh ins putting me behind another 3 months... Alas, all is well and the insurance could take up to 3 weeks to decided if they think I need this surgery... Crap, you'd have to be deaf and blind not to see that I am dying slowly... Ok enough on that..

That was by far the best news I have had in a few days, right? Brian tells me this last week that we need to sit down and have a family meeting that Saturday... I ask about what and he tells me he has everything written down and if I could wait till the kids where there he would fill me in... Well my first responds was ok, fine.. Whatever.... The next day I poked and poked, He gave up nothing.. Well Saturday came and the kids were all gone. I forgot about it... Then... Sunday morning, He told me.... He can't live here anymore.. This house, here, this far.... outside of town... It is killing him... He stared to cry.. Not just little tears, but chest raising tears... It broke my heart.. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... I sat there dead... "What?" I think, is all I said...

Move? NOW? No No No yeah No.. I am not moving....
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They are in my blog page..
Now 3 years later he wants to move.... I spent the first year on my back. The only thing I could do was dream of what this place would someday become. Knowing after my surgery I could plant my garden, can all my own veggies and all my fish... It really was the only thing that kept me going all those -45 nights w/ no water any sort of heat to speak of and don't even get me started on the huny pots!

Anyway....Here are a few pictures of what I see everytime I look out my window in the winter.. How could he want me to leave this? I simply can't


  1. I pray that everything works just as God has planned!

  2. Awwwww, I would have fallen apart right then and there...

    I bet it can be really hard, but I would trade with you in a heart beat if I could.

    Keep me posted on your surgery date...I will follow your journey with you and deefinitely be there for ya....you can help so many with your words and hope.

  3. Thanks ladies, for always reading and posting here. You two are my Favorite.... wait, you two are my only readers! HAAHAAA!