Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now where did I put those socks?

HEEHEEHEE I can't stop laughing.. I'm all by myself.. I know it nuts to keep laughing but dang this is soo flippin' funny...So allow me to set up this story. It is very cold outside maybe -5 right now.. That being said, it is very cold inside about 56 degrees ...don't ask... Oz was running around w/out socks on the other morning.. Trying to get him to stand still for any length of time is up surd.. I always lose his socks trying to catch him... It was so cold in the house that I thought I'd kill two birds so to speak.... Get them warm and not lose them, while I dog piled him to the floor.... So....I lifted up my hummm well my.. yeah.. ya know,my, yep, that's right my BOOB. One at a time and placed his little ity bity socks under them.... Well...... the the phone rang, the dog needed out, my tea pot was whistling, Josh needed a shirt, Brian needed a hand and well Chauni just babbled too long to me about nothing... I totally forgot where I put his socks.... Found him another pair and went about my business.... A few hours later I was fixing my bra. It was itching me.... I am ashamed to say.... There was those ity bity socks right where I had left them.. Toasty warm and waiting for some little Oz toogs

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