Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I struggled to sleep the night before the election.. Staying up praying for Obama and his family for the loss of his grandmum... I prayed that the man I choose to vote for was the man God would have me vote for... I prayed for the comfort if this man didn't win.. Reflection of the future if he indeed lost. So here this morning w/ a heavy heavy heart I look into the world I don't know, seeing people in a new light..... I am not angry that a Black man won the Election... For that it is wonderful..... I am sad because as a Nation we have choose to look @ issues that have lit the darkness causing us to focus on the shadows instead of issues I believe that will fix our economy. When this Nation gets right w/ what God has said, When we humble ourselves and draw the line in the sand... When we say enough is enough.... That is when the Blessing of our Father will fall....
Please hear me when I say, I am far far far from perfect.. I don't hold any answers. There are many thing in my life I need to submit to the Lord.... I have friends, a very close friend, who is gay... I love him so much, I don't want to say the wrong thing... Offence is an awful thing to cause and get over.... I struggle w/ conversations that he and I have about his life.. I want to just love him and excuse the rest.. I know what I am supposed to say, I however don't know how to say it.
I want my children to have compassion for everyone.. Gays, straight, black people, some white people. I am not blind nor am I deaf... I see and hear where this world is going.... Tolerance is not a bad word, but I think it is being redefined because it has been made to sound like a bad word this election. God I know your hand is in this.. I know You and You alone see tomorrow... Allow me to see what you see... Bring comfort where there is non and remind me that I stand firm in your Shadow....

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